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Please consult us before donating materials.

The animals in the refuge are weak and/or sick so we cannot accept products with which we are unfamiliar and which don’t correspond to the needs of our animals.  Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

We need :

Hay, straw, alfalfa, Altube animal feed.

Special fly spray which is applied to the animals’ skin. Disinfectant for wounds, creams which help healing, one litre bottles of cream for sweet itch, bottles of cream for the animals’ eyes,  creams for their hooves,  electrolytes,  tetanus vaccine,  mild antiparasite creams, anti-parasite cream for worms and red vermin,  50ml containers of penicillin,  packets of sterile gauze, syringes (with needles) of 20cc alcohol.

Finadyne, Calmivet granules, Oral glucose, Danilon (Cream and sachets), Delta powder, Azol powders, Betadine gel, Clorhexidina, Thrombocid, Veterin Micipen, Copper sulphate, Calmoneosan, Injectable EQsona, Injectable Redex, Eqvalan Duo.

Zinc oxide, (Tubs or bags)

Masks to protect horses’ eyes from flies with ear pieces,  (Large, medium and small)

Horse blankets anti-mosquito/fly with neck and tail piece,  special blankets for exzema,  wounds, etc (snoogy-hood)  winter blankets, water-proof blankets,  harnesses,  ropes.

If you wish to donate materials :

(0034) 658 900 600 / (0034) 610 397 027

Email :< This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >

Special request to businesses.

We wish to open a special clinic at the refuge which will be able to treat the animals which arrive injured or in a bad state of health in order to avoid unnecessary problems for the carers, volunteers and the animals themselves.

We are asking for the help of any business to provide the floors, walls, system of poles for securing the animal, anti-slip floors, infra-red lamps.

In exchange the association guarantees to provide free publicity.

We are also asking for the help of any garden centre or person connected with garden supplies for the donation of trees.  We know that it may seem a strange request but it is important for us. Our refuge is in Andalucia and in summer temperatures can reach 45 degrees.

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